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Maps of Lands Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise

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Maps and Reports on Sea Level Rise

Thumbnail map of the eastern and southern United States showing coastal lands vulnerable to sea level rise.

Click on thumbnail for full size image.

The maps that follow in this section were produced in conjunction with the report, "Maps of Lands Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise: Modeled Elevations along the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coasts," which was originally published in Climate Research (2001).

The maps illustrate lands close to sea level along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. The maps are presented in a thumbnail format; click the thumbnails for a full screen (html) view or follow the accompanying links for high-resolution, full-page (pdf) color and black & white versions of the map. You can download the underlying geographical information system (GIS) data for an example quadrangle and learn how to obtain the entire dataset underlying this study

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