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Maps of Lands Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise

EPA's suggested approach

EPA makes available all the data underlying the article on Maps Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise by Titus and Richman (2001). To help you determine whether this data would be useful, this web site includes all the data for one example 1:250,000 quadrangle, called Salisbury-West, which extends from the Maryland-Virginia border to Cape May, New Jersey, along with the documentation for the entire data set.

Documentation and GIS Data for Salisbury-West quadrangle. (2.9MB zip)

If you need the entire data set, EPA asks you to send an email to the Frequent Questions page and submit a request through the Ask a Question feature and reference Jim Titus.  Before requesting the data, please read Titus and Richman (2001) and download (2.9MB zip) the data from the Salisbury-West quad to ensure that the data meets your needs. In your request, to EPA please confirm that you successfully examined the Salisbury-West quadrangle data, that it meets your needs, and that you understand the limitations of the data as described in the Titus and Richman article. Note in particular that this data is meant primarily for researchers attempting to quantify impacts of sea level rise for areas the size of a state or larger. For completeness, we provide data for the entire contiguous U.S. coast; but we do not recommend that you use it for assessments only involving the Pacific and New England Coasts of the United States, because we have only examined it closely for the Gulf of Mexico Coast and the Atlantic Coast from New York to Florida. Finally, please note that this data is only meant to provide the shoreline and 1.5- and 3.5-meter NGVD contours, and hence users should ignore all other information.

A more casual approach to the data

The coarse elevation data is also available on this web site.

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