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EPA's Unpublished Sea Level Rise Study

Recent stories in Mother Jones, Slate, Grist, Wired and the Portsmouth Herald mention an unpublished EPA study of the impacts of sea level rise on the US Atlantic coast, and suggest that the study is on this web site. We do not have the whole study but we do have all the maps. And the maps tell most of the story. We also have state-specific and county-specific summaries. Locality-specific discussions are online for Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, DC, and Connecticut. For the other states, you have to go to the state-specific summary, and then open a pdf with the state-specific report and scroll down to your locality. This site has all of the products that have either been published in the peer reviewed literature or can be reasonably cited as an unpublished product of a peer-reviewed report.

Here we provide a quick guide to what is and what is not on this web site. Below are a couple of lists of the products, but if you simply want to take a look at what we have, just go to either the elevation maps, the planning maps, or the planning summary text, and pick a state.

Parts of the "unpublished study" found on this web site
Parts of the "unpublished study" not on this web site.
* Signifies published elsewhere in government report or peer reviewed journal. Those documents can generally be cited by scientific assessments such as IPCC, and by federal government agencies in their coastal decision making. Some agencies may find it difficult to justify citing "grey literature" such as the unpublished reports on this web site.

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